Vacancies for engineers in Belgrade


Software Engineering - Serbia, Belgrade


Software Engineering - Serbia, Belgrade
We’re expanding our team in Belgrade! Currently we have nearly 60 full-time employees, and 12 open positions in the areas of C++, UX design, Android, Cloud and DevOps.

All open roles support our focus in Belgrade: Developing software for TomTom navigation products. These products are launched in devices, vehicles, cloud systems and mobile apps around the world. Our local teams are focused on online routing and prediction services, as well as Android navigation applications.

Joining us in Belgrade, you’ll play a direct role in our TomTom Navigation product unit, which has 350 people spread across Amsterdam, Lodz, Berlin, London and Belgrade – and of course be a part of our full team of 4,500+ TomTom’ers in offices around the world.

What technologies are we using? A lot. To give you an idea, we use C ++ for software development of the navigation engine and SDK, Java and Kotlin for Android platforms, Objective C and Swift for iOS platforms, Java and Scala for online services, and all the modern technologies needed for DevOps.

Milutina Milankovica 9dj 11070 
Belgrade, Serbia
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