How Geograma and TomTom facilitate road safety
Kenneth Clay
Aug 6, 2020

How Geograma and TomTom facilitate road safety

Kenneth Clay
Sr. Marketing Manager
Aug 6, 20206 min read
How Geograma and TomTom facilitate road safety
Traffic Directors are responsible for ensuring the safety of their road networks. They’re tasked with deploying cutting-edge technology to help monitor road conditions and to inform the traveling public of preferred routes. With tight budgets to manage, they need to choose location technology partners wisely. Together with TomTom, Geograma is helping solve these transportation management challenges.

Meet Geograma

Geograma is the leading Mapping and geographic information system (GIS) company in Spain. They offer GIS development services, geoinformation projects, cartography and surveying services, GIS consultancy, cloud services, geotools, and geodata.

With 20 years of experience and over 600 clients, Geograma has earned the reputation of being a trusted geospatial partner. They take a pragmatic approach to geographic processes, realistic assessments and the use of last generation technologies to solve complex problems involving data capture, processing and management of geoinformation.
Meet Geograma
The geoinformation that Geograma manages contains any type of source digital data with a geographic or territorial component. This includes satellite images to geo-located terrestrial panoramas, mapping, socioeconomic information, pedestrian traffic flow, city maps, asset management inventories, road traffic information and market data. This access to a wide range of geoinformation enables optimized management, operational processes and support for decision-making in public and private sectors.
Aligning with TomTom

Geospatial information is growing exponentially and new concepts such as cloud computing, location intelligence and machine learning are changing the rules of business. Commonly, customers require daily access to fresh data under a global perspective.

Realizing the complexity of building a world-class location intelligence dataset, Geograma decided to adopt a partner model. Following a detailed analysis of different global providers, Geograma decided to partner with TomTom. The basis for this decision came down to three main reasons:

  • The portfolio of TomTom products was a perfect complement to Geograma services
  • TomTom exhibited a clear and transparent spirit of working with partners
  • The proximity and proactive approach of TomTom account managers
Geograma established their partnership with TomTom in 2001, and throughout that time, the team of Geograma and TomTom have solved many of the region’s transportation challenges.
Benefits of using Geograma and TomTom
Benefits of using Geograma and TomTom

Early on, Geograma worked with the TomTom base map to support the needs of the traditional GIS market. The City Council of Madrid is currently using TomTom map and traffic data, supplied by Geograma, in Esri Network Analyst for routing emergency services such as the police and ambulances.

More recently they’ve added TomTom API services to the portfolio, including online maps, routing and geocoding. Geograma can normalize huge volumes of addresses and serve mapping and routing capabilities. Working with Geograma, Procomp is using TomTom data to support its homecare application in Europe.
"Our flexibility to support a wide-ranging customer base is a direct result of our TomTom partnership. We can solve customer problems using uncompiled maps or APIs. Both are suitable for any ecosystem of business, depending on their need for a SaaS or on-premises data installation,"

Vicente de la Cruz
Business Development Manager at Geograma
With an increasing focus on traffic services, Geograma introduced GEOTRAFFIC, a mobility and traffic platform that combines historical and real-time traffic information. GEOTRAFFIC leverages the power of TomTom online maps, geocoding, and routing, along with the TomTom Traffic Stats API and TomTom Traffic Flow.

The GEOTRAFFIC platform is currently used for road infrastructure planning, traffic studies and road network monitorizations for clients such as the Traffic Department of the Basque Government.
What’s on the horizon?

Geograma is constantly innovating. Over time they plan to increase their use of TomTom location technology to help solve transportation challenges. They will increase their use of traffic content and online services for multimodal mobility platforms. They also plan to leverage TomTom online APIs to support private entities working in real estate, geomarketing and retail.

Given their success in the region of Spain, Geograma plans to expand their brand to the international level, sharing their location intelligence product and professional expertise on a wider geographic scale.
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