Professional Services

Providing timely and qualitative delivery of connected navigation systems to automotive partners.

As navigation and location awareness become ubiquitous, there is an increasing need for well-integrated connected navigation systems in connected vehicles.

To live up to the requirements of tomorrow’s drivers, OEMs are seeking partners to help with integration of software, user interface and services. TomTom Professional Services is here to help them achieve that.

The TomTom Delivery Model

Today’s IVI systems are incredibly complex and composed of components from various parties in order to ensure the best-quality experience for their customers.

Whether you choose TomTom for part, or the full scope, of the project, we will provide you with high-quality, reliable solutions through our delivery model.



Custom Engineering

  • We deliver over the entire project lifetime to agreed product specifications, project
    timelines, quality levels and delivery KPIs.
    As projects are moving towards continuous online deliveries instead of discrete
    deliveries, our service to OEMs also includes lifecycle management.
    Our delivery process includes solution definition, project management, quality
    management, validation, product reporting, customer support and product
  • At TomTom, we make components work as one system. We own and develop assets
    that can be used to speed up the integration process.
    Our integration activities include configuration of TomTom components and
    development of interface adapters.
  • TomTom differentiates its products through bespoke engineering of deliverables for
    OEM customers. TomTom owns and develops assets that can be used to speed up the
    Custom Engineering process.
    Our Custom Engineering approach includes custom HMI development, addition of non-
    standard components and addition of features to already existing components.