Global, Automotive-Quality Maps

Delivering high quality digital maps to the automotive industry.

TomTom Maps as a component

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide enjoy using TomTom Maps in portable and in-dash navigation systems and applications. Our maps are not exclusive to TomTom navigation systems; they are also sold as a component to an increasing number of third party systems and applications.

TomTom has the world’s most extensive digital map database

The TomTom digital map covers 153 navigable countries and 33 territories, covering 62+ million kilometers globally.

Key differentiators of TomTom Real-Time Maps

  • We are the only Automotive-grade quality map provider with a transactional map making engine
  • We combine large volumes of active and passive community input with professional mapmaking sources in the best possible way. We call this intelligent map making
  • This enables us to deliver high quality maps with fast cycle times, efficiently

  • We provide global coverage
  • We synchronize our maps with our first-class historic and real-time traffic content for a superior end-user navigation experience
  • We are a leading innovator in providing incremental map updates to the market via NDS and OpenLR™

For more information on our Real-Time Maps offering, please visit
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