3D Navigation

We bring maps closer to reality.

Discover TomTom 3D Navigation

3D Navigation is an important milestone to increase the usefulness and usability of maps. 3D is not about reproducing the world but it is made to add relevance to the User Interface and to enhance the end user experience. We provide these features to enrich every driver’s experience.

Advanced City Models

TomTom 3D City Models represent a major enhancement in our relentless drive to deliver a cutting edge display for navigation systems. Placing the map in its three dimensional context provides the end-user with a display closer to reality and delivers superior orientation.
Advanced City Models are part of the complete visualization data eco-system maintained by TomTom and can be easily integrated not only with TomTom’s navigable product, but also with TomTom 2D City Map and TomTom 3D Landmark products.

Four Levels of Detail (LOD) offerings

  • LOD1:‘Shoebox’ model: basic, un-textured 3D model without roofs or superstructures (supports the lowest specification hardware platforms)
  • LOD2:Detailed 3D block models including roofs, large superstructures and small superstructures (e.g. elevator shafts)
  • LOD3:The LOD2 detailed block models with the addition of texture utilizing a window and door library. The manageable size of the texture library makes it very easy to customise the look and feel of the data
  • LOD4:Photo-realistic 3D models including corresponding ortho images (ground images)

3D Landmarks and Icons

We bring remarkable visual waypoints to maps. With the 3D Landmarks and Landmark Icons, TomTom introduces noteworthy structures and monuments to the digital map environment.
Most of these structures are instantly recognizable through their silhouette, architectural style and historic significance. Their presence on the map greatly enhances the user orientation while contributing to the map’s visual appeal.

Junction Views

Junction Views provide an additional visual aid to the driver before and during a maneuver. Junction View shows a photo-realistic view of the maneuver context when it matters most – at the point of decision. Junction Views are produced for selected junctions and complement the generalized Junction Views, both for day and night time.

Digital Elevation Model

TomTom maps offer the Digital Elevation Model for enhancing the digital experience. By integrating this enhanced content with standard maps, it is possible to represent the landscape’s altitude for any place in the world.
The Digital Elevation Model can be used in both 2D and 3D representations, allowing for colorful cartographic atlas map representation and allowing for draping the road networks or satellite imagery over the terrain.

2D City Maps

We developed the 2D City Map product to meet the growing demand for more visual details in the navigable map.
The 2D City Map product offers a wealth of visual information for many urban areas globally consisting of building footprints and small scale land use details like ponds, park areas and golf courses among many others.
2D Maps can be used together with Advanced City Models and 3D Landmarks to leverage the full power of TomTom’s visualization product eco-system to differentiate from the competition and make your product offering irresistible to the end-user.

Signpost Images

Signpost Images provide an additional visual aid at junctions, they are clear and easy-to-read, minimising driver distraction.
They contain such invaluable information as main destinations, exit number, road numbers and shields, pictograms or directional arrow. They have country-specific characteristics
The integration of Signpost Images in the navigation application is easy thanks to a consistent format and layout (unlike the signpost in reality).