Real-Time Maps

We set the worldwide standard with Tomtom real-time map technology that enables autonomous driving, increases safety, improves efficiency and enhances comfortable driving.

Automotive-Quality Maps

At TomTom, we set the goal of Real-Time Maps, which is to deliver the highest quality and most detailed map by minimising the time between detecting changes in the real world and updating the map on the end user's device or platform.

How we create TomTom Real-Time Maps
We are leaders in change detection, which makes our map-making processes highly cost-effective, and our maps of high quality. Our up-to-date base map combined with historical and real-time traffic content, as well as passive and active community input, make our product unique.

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The Navigation Data Standard (NDS) is an innovative format for readily compiled navigation maps, which is supported by all major players in the automotive industry. TomTom offers global coverage of NDS products, including the delivery of incremental map updates.

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3D Navigation

Bringing remarkable visual enhancements to maps, allowing for a richer navigation experience. We create maps that are closer to reality.

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Quality Maps

We produce our own automotive-grade quality maps on a global scale. Our maps are used by hundreds of million devices worldwide: on PNDs, in-dash navigation devices, smartphone applications, and web based applications.

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IQ Maps

TomTom has found that OEMs have a strong desire to offer drivers always up-to-date maps against manageable cellular data costs. Using artificial intelligence, TomTom’s IQ Maps automatically updates the parts of the maps that are relevant to the driver, in the background, via configurable channels (Wi-Fi, cellular) to save time and money. As a result, drivers can be sure that their map data is always the most up-to-date, without increasing data consumption – making manual map management a thing of the past.

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