NavKit: TomTom’s Navigation Engine

The challenge for today’s automotive industry is to create navigation systems that are compelling, advanced and future-proof. NavKit is TomTom’s answer to OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.

The brain behind TomTom’s Connected Navigation Application

NavKit is TomTom’s off-the-shelf, easy-to-integrate navigation engine, enabling OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to develop customised Connected Navigation Systems. NavKit implements complex navigation algorithms and logics for advanced routing technology, intuitive destination entry and interactive 2D and 3D map visualisation. NavKit enables OEMs, Tier1s and app developers to develop their own integrated navigation systems. In repeated independent benchmarks, NavKit-powered products outsmart traffic and help drivers reach their destination faster.

Fully flexible navigation engine that supports NDS maps

NavKit’s modular architecture separates functional layers to enable interchanging and updating of components. Our navigation engine, which has been used in over 100 million devices, is fully flexible and supports NDS maps with incremental maps updates. The rich API platform provides off-the-shelf primary navigation functions such as: Routing, Guidance, Search, Map Matcher and Map Renderer.



Free Text Search

Map Matched Positioning

Map Visualisation

  • Using historical, real-time and predictive traffic information, NavKit is constantly searching for, and providing, the best possible route. It calculates fastest, shortest, economical, bicycle and pedestrian routes and supports options to avoid highways, unpaved roads, HOV lanes, ferries and toll roads.
  • Comprehensive voice instructions, at the right moment enriched with a clear view of the road ahead, is NavKit’s Guidance promise. The guidance provides spoken instructions using recorded voices and Text-To-Speech (TTS), real-time triggers for on-time voice instructions, visualisation of lane guidance for junctions, ETA, and more. The guidance can be also used on cluster displays and Head-up Displays (HUD).
  • Find addresses and points of interest (POIs) with advanced Free Text Search (FTS): suggestions are provided while typing, covering both addresses and POIs, giving results quickly. The search area can be set according to preferred radius, along a route, or within the complete map.
  • NavKit Map Matcher is agnostic to the positioning technology used, be it GPS, GLONASS, WiFi or cellular based, resulting in great accuracy of positioning on the map. Information from different sensors is fused and sudden jumps or glitches are filtered out. TomTom Map Matcher enhances the navigation experience, enables 3D positioning support, and provides a position prediction for the near future.
  • TomTom enables 2D and 3D map visualisation, including 3D buildings and landmarks, as well as traffic incidents, speed cameras, POIs and brand icons. The Map Render offers Advanced Lane Guidance on a fully interactive map, supporting zooming, panning and selecting other icons on the route. Camera view point, map colours and textures can be customised.
Did you know?

TomTom has topped the TIOBE Software Quality Award league tables in all three categories: large-, mid- and small-sized projects, by providing best-in-class Automotive-grade, reliable navigation software for its customers.

The TIOBE Software Quality Award, selected quarterly from more than 3,000 software products of various multinationals, is based on the TIOBE QUALITY INDICATOR (TQI). Our new map visualisation rendering component “Michi” ranked #1 out of 365 competing mid-sized projects, with a TQI score of 99.63%.

NavKit, with a TQI score of 90.14%, won the most ambitious award for large-sized projects, demonstrating TomTom’s continued effort to increase its software quality to world-class standard.

NavKit is the ideal solution for a customised navigation application

All complexity inside NavKit is separated from the outside world through an extensive set of APIs. Through these APIs, the User Interface is decoupled from NavKit, making it possible to develop very distinct applications. These build on the same navigation engine that you can see in Portable Navigation Devices, in-dash automotive systems and smartphone applications.

NavKit is provided in the form of an SDK that makes it the ideal solution for customers who want to develop their own custom navigation application. NavKit has already been ported to all major high-level Operating Systems, like Linux® , iOS, QNX, Windows® and Android.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc & Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United Stated and/or other countries.

Did you know?

NavKit has also been integrated in smartphone navigation applications, such as the Volkswagen “maps + more” app for Android and iOS. Powered by TomTom’s navigation software, maps and connected services, the app delivers a customized user experience to Volkswagen up! drivers by combining music, navigation and vehicle status information.

These car brands are already using NavKit

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