Travel Services

Travel Services provide relevant information to drivers allowing them to have a more pleasant journey. These services include our advanced weather conditions, real-time fuel prices and locations of EV-charging stations to overcome range anxiety.

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  • Keeping Drivers Safer in Adverse Weather Conditions

    Adverse weather conditions can cause a range of issues to drivers, such as delays, traffic jams and even accidents. A way to mitigate these issues is to keep drivers informed of the atmospheric conditions, enabling them to make better decisions. TomTom Weather helps drivers make informed decisions along their journey by providing accurate, reliable and relevant information on weather conditions. TomTom Weather is available in two complementary options:

    Tabular Weather

    Informs drivers of weather conditions at destination and at specific locations. This information can be displayed in a table and/or map format, to help drivers plan their journey more effectively.

    Click here for our Tabular Weather Developer Portal

    Advanced Weather

    Uses detailed weather information to visualize weather conditions on the map, provide
  • Enabling Smarter Fueling Decisions

    Fuel represents one of the highest expenses linked to vehicle ownership. TomTom Fuel enables drivers to search, compare and evaluate different re-fueling options, allowing them to save time and save on fuel costs. TomTom aggregates and processes static and dynamic data from various industry-leading suppliers and operators to provide drivers relevant fuel station information. This includes real-time prices, payment methods, fuel types, fuel station name and brand, operating hours, contact information and additional services. TomTom Fuel helps drivers plan their journey to include the most convenient and/or preferred fueling stops.
  • Taking the stress out of parking

    TomTom Parking enables an efficient and stress-free parking experience, by informing the driver of the location of parking spots along the route and near your destination. TomTom Parking is available in two complementary services: On-Street and Off-Street Parking. On-street parking shows the probability of finding a free parking spot at any time of the day, as well as the average time it will take find a spot. Our Off-street Parking service allows drivers to find and compare real-time parking options in garages and parking lots.
  • Making Range Anxiety a Thing of the Past

    TomTom EV service aims to make range anxiety a thing of the past, by providing EV drivers relevant real-time information allowing them to plan their journey in the most convenient way.

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