TomTom EV Service

TomTom EV service provides drivers of electric vehicles with relevant, real-time information allowing them to plan their journey and make better decisions.

TomTom EV Service

Today, EVs have become more popular, but charging infrastructure is still catching up in order to meet this demand. This can lead to range anxiety, which is one of the main barriers when considering buying an EV.
The new TomTom EV Service will address these concerns by providing information to drivers about EV charging stations, such as location, connector types and real-time availability. Drivers can use this information to identify the available and most suitable charging station. Hence, they will have the required information to plan their route accordingly and never run out of battery.

How it works

TomTom already provides drivers with the location of EV charging stations, listed as ‘’EV POIs’’. TomTom EV service adds a dynamic layer in addition to this, indicating real-time availability.
TomTom delivers the EV service according to the TPEG2-EMI specifications as defined by the Traveler Information Services Association (TISA). In the future, there will also be APIs available on our developer portal for government and enterprise customers.


TomTom EV service will initially launch in Europe and will expand to North America early 2018. After this expansion, the EV Service will have a coverage of 45,000+ stations globally and 60,000+ stations with static information. Over the course of 2018, TomTom will work towards expanding its coverage in these regions.

TomTom Online EV Routing

Besides real-time availability of EV charging stations, TomTom also provides other relevant navigation features for EVs. For example, when planning a trip, TomTom Online Routing will plan the most optimal EV route to minimise battery consumption. This is based on road characteristics such as gradient and curvature. Second, TomTom can provide and Online EV range spider visualising remaining battery range. The range calculation can also be personalised based on consumption characteristics of the vehicle. Based on this information, TomTom Online EV Routing, augmented with real-time information from the aforementioned TomTom EV Service, can suggest the optimal charging locations along the route.

For more details on Online Routing and Online Range APIs, including our details EV consumption model, please visit our developer page.

TomTom EV Services Product Sheet


For Developers

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