Connected Services

TomTom connected navigation services give road users access to the most relevant and real-time information, such as TomTom Traffic, Speed Cameras, Parking, EV and other Travel Services.

TomTom Traffic

TomTom Parking

TomTom Speed Cameras

TomTom EV Service

TomTom Travel Services

  • Accurate, real-time traffic information system. It gives you highly accurate and fast
    information for better route (re-)calculation and ETA.

  • This service enables an efficient and stress-free parking experience, by informing the
    driver of the location of parking spots along the route and near your destination.
    TomTom Parking is available in two complementary services: On-Street and Off-Street Parking

  • A comprehensive service with alerts for both Fixed and Mobile Speed Cameras. The
    TomTom Speed Cameras Service brings added value to your customers: the service is
    high quality, from single trusted global supplier, easy to integrate and 100% legal.
  • TomTom EV service aims to make range anxiety a thing of the past, by providing EV
    drivers relevant real-time information allowing them to plan their journey in the most convenient way.
  • In addition to the existing TomTom connected services, we can aggregate third party
    content for Services like Parking, Fuel, EV, Weather or other infotainment services.