TomTom MotionQ for Rinspeed Snap

Addressing the Unspoken Design Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles.

Navigation Technologies for Autonomous Driving

Whether you talk about smart mobility, connected cars or autonomous driving, the minimum common denominator is navigation technologies. The future of mobility relies on a mix of high-definition maps, real-time maps, advanced navigation software, and live data from vehicle sensors. These innovations all come together in the Rinspeed Snap – an autonomous “robotaxi” designed by Swiss think tank Rinspeed.

The Unspoken Design Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles

Thanks to its innovative nature, the Rinspeed Snap proved the perfect vehicle to experiment with new concepts. A critical challenge when designing autonomous vehicles is to make passengers feel safe and comfortable. Passengers should feel confident that the vehicle is aware of its surroundings and that it will handle all aspects safely. In terms of comfort, passengers must be able to anticipate the motion of the vehicle, so as to avoid motion sickness.

TomTom MotionQ - Passenger Safety and Comfort

TomTom MotionQ is a set of visual cues that enable passengers to anticipate an autonomous vehicle’s motion, leading to a more comfortable experience. TomTom MotionQ provides intuitive overlays on the central display, communicating the vehicle’s intended motion. This includes turns, acceleration and elements of the TomTom HD Map such as road borders, lane markings, and road geometry.

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Another important consideration for shared autonomous vehicles is that passengers must be able to monitor their route, check their ETA and explore points of interest (POIs). The TomTom Route Genius does just that, informing passengers of all the aspects of their journey, from accurate ETA information, to relevant POIs along the route.

TomTom Powers Safety and Comfort for Autonomous Driving

TomTom is on a mission to make autonomous driving a reality, by building accurate, scalable and updated HD Maps to enable a safer and more comfortable experience.

With MotionQ, TomTom leverages its HD Maps expertise with an innovative concept aimed at making autonomous driving more comfortable, while allowing passengers to enjoy their journey without any side effects.

TomTom MotionQ White Paper