Connected Navigation System

Our Connected Navigation System is based on automotive-grade components that allow OEMs to create branded, customised navigation systems.

In-vehicle infotainment is one of the features that drivers value the most when purchasing a new car. In today’s “always connected” age, drivers expect in-car navigation systems that are always up to date.

With TomTom’s offering, our customers can integrate selected components or choose a pre-integrated Connected Navigation System. Each component is designed to be used independently, giving OEMs full flexibility.

TomTom's Connected Navigation System Components

Real-Time Maps
Road networks around the world change every day: new roads are opened, speed limits are updated, street names change and new POIs are created. As technology advances and drivers demand real-time information, it is critical that the map reflects reality.

By minimising the time between detecting changes in the real world and updating the map on the driver’s device, TomTom can deliver Real-Time Maps. Our maps are created and delivered by combining intelligent mapmaking, our transactional mapmaking platform, and easy-to-use map delivery formats.
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Embedded Navigation Software
Bringing connected navigation into the vehicle is a complex task. To achieve this, TomTom has developed a range of software components and tools. NavKit is TomTom’s off-the-shelf navigation engine that implements complex navigation algorithms and logic for advanced routing, comprehensive guidance, intuitive destination entry and interactive 2D and 3D map visualisation.

TomTom also offers two cloud-based solutions: Maps APIs, an online platform providing navigation-as-a-service, and NavCloud, an application designed to maintain and share personal navigation data in the cloud.
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Connected Services
TomTom Connected Services provide drivers with relevant and real-time travel information, enabling an efficient, and safer driving experience. TomTom Connected Services include market-leading TomTom TrafficSpeed Cameras, Parking, FuelEV and Weather Services.

TomTom Connected Services are based on community input and the global pool of historical and real-time probe data. We own the full chain of service creation, ensuring quality, level of service, integration options and footprint of these services. TomTom Connected Navigation System is personalised, scalable and seamless.
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TomTom Navigation
TomTom Personal Navigation

TomTom employs personal network learning to enable a navigation experience that is tailored to each driver. This includes advanced features such as destination prediction, personal routes and decision point navigation.

TomTom Scalable Navigation

TomTom’s Scalable Navigation enables OEMs to develop flexible business models across the entire vehicle lineup by using a scalable hybrid software architecture. Through combining onboard and online components the navigation software can efficiently fit infotainment systems with different hardware capabilities.

TomTom Seamless Navigation

By combining our Connected Navigation System – which works on every platform or operating system – with a mobile application, we extend the user experience beyond the car.
Did you know?

TomTom is a member of the SmartDeviceLink™ Consortium, which manages an open-source technology enabling smartphone applications to be connected to in-vehicle infotainment systems.

TomTom provides smartphone navigation apps that are mirrored using SmartDeviceLink technology to the in-vehicle screen, in order to allow drivers to enjoy a great navigation experience even in vehicles with a low-budget infotainment system.

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