TomTom AutoStream

TomTom AutoStream allows automated vehicles to “see” the road ahead by automatically streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud

Map Delivery for Automated Driving

A key step in mapping for automated driving involves delivering the latest, most up to date map from the TomTom cloud to a vehicle, to be used by the autonomous driving system and mission control system. Depending on the use case and desired function, the customer can decide what map data to use. For example, the customer can decide to use the TomTom HD Map to power a function like Highway Pilot, and use the TomTom ADAS Map for a function like Predictive Cruise Control.

TomTom AutoStream

TomTom AutoStream enables vehicles to build a horizon for the road ahead by automatically streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud. AutoStream comes as a full solution, including an on-board software component with smart logic, which significantly simplifies and shortens development time for companies building autonomous driving systems. TomTom AutoStream is designed in a flexible way, allowing customers to customize the map data stream based on criteria such as sensor configuration and horizon length. It can stream the TomTom ADAS Map, HD Map, and Live data such as dynamic speed limits and traffic information. This flexibility allows customers to use AutoStream to power lower automation functions, as well as higher automation functions.

Bringing Better ADAS to Market Faster

Customers using AutoStream don’t have to worry about using the latest map and map formats; instead, AutoStream provides a map access API and ensures the ADAS/AD system always has the latest map data to power advanced driving applications, ultimately enhancing driver safety.