How we use your data

TomTom Sports

While you use TomTom Sports via a device or app, information is continuously captured and stored. This includes information about your location, heart rate and step rate.

You can enable various TomTom Sports features and approve the ways your information is used. We will only use the information to run the features and purposes you have enabled and authorized. You can change your permission status at any time via the product settings or through your TomTom account.

If you disable a feature, the information that was sent to TomTom earlier will remain available. You can delete information you store in TomTom Sports at any time.

You can go to more information to read who has access to your information, get information about your rights and where we store your data.

TomTom Sports applications

You can use the following TomTom Sports applications together with your TomTom Sports device:

When you connect your TomTom Sports device to your computer or mobile device, information captured by your TomTom Sports device and information captured by the TomTom Sports applications can be uploaded to TomTom. The information can also be uploaded to other apps, but only when you explicitly allow it. After each upload the information is deleted from your TomTom Sports device. You can enable the various TomTom Sports applications features and provide permission for the ways in which your information is used. Find out which features and purposes require your permission for us to use your information. We will only use the information for the features and purposes you have enabled or have given us permission for. You can change these settings and withdraw permission at any time.

Please note that if you disable a feature, the information that was sent to TomTom while the feature was enabled will remain available.

You can delete all information you store in TomTom Sports at any time.

TomTom Sports Watch information

TomTom Sports Watch, depending on the specific features of your device and the settings you configured for it, stores and captures the following information after the successful device registration with TomTom Sports:

1. Information stored on your device after successful device registration with TomTom Sports:

     a. The user profile you entered, which includes age, gender, height, and weight.

2.Information captured automatically and continuously while you wear your device:

     a. Time you are active.
     b. Calories burned.
     c. Steps and distance walked.

3. Information captured when you use the associated feature on a TomTom Sports Watch:

     a. Heart rate.
     b. Time when you are asleep.
     c. More frequent capturing of times you are active, heart rate, calories burned, steps, and distance during a sports activity.
     d. Your location, speed, pace, altitude, ascent, and descent during a sports activity that makes use of the location and air pressure sensors.

4. Diagnostic information:

     a. Crash and error logs.

The information captured is processed on the device itself. It is based on the user profile you provided and the measurements provided by the device location, air pressure, motion, and heart rate sensors.

Your TomTom Sports Watch also records crash and error logs while you wear your device. These logs are retrieved from your device by your TomTom Sports applications. You can choose to send crash and error logs to TomTom to help us improve our products.

Bandit Action Camera

To work correctly, your TomTom Action Camera continuously captures and stores information when you record a video, including information about your location, action data and when enabled and allowed, heart rate. Please note that this information could provide details about your health and this data will only be uploaded to TomTom for purposes mentioned after you have specifically allowed sharing this data.

You can easily retrieve your information through companion applications and remove the data from the video file when you use the Bandit mobile app to create a story. You can actively upload information to TomTom when you pair the Action Camera with your mobile or insert your battery USB stick into your computer. You can also share videos to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. Social media providers will use your information subject to their privacy policies, TomTom has no control over this.

By registering your name and email address, you will be able to receive support, participate in our user forums and download software updates. We can use your aggregated usage statistics to provide you with tips and suggestions to improve your videos and stories. You can opt out via MySports settings.

Manage your data

You can delete or download your data at any time via your TomTom account, TomTom applications or your device. Deleting your registration means automatic deletion of all your information without the possibility to restore it.