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The fastest route up to 35% of the time, using actual road-speed data.

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TomTom IQ Routes puts the driving experience of millions of TomTom users into your maps, calculating your route based on actual speeds driven on roads compared to speed limits. With TomTom IQ Routes you always get the smartest, most efficient route. Saving you time, fuel and money by driving like a local.

Example: IQ Routes takes 10% off a journey time in London.

The standard fastest route from London Commercial Road, to Gloucester Terrace at a relatively quiet time, and without any hold-ups, should take you 20 minutes (screen 1).
However, that same route will typically take you 29 minutes during a busier period (reality) (screen 2).
IQ Routes instantly works out your optimal route from London Commercial Road, to Gloucester Terrace. It also calculates your realistic journey time, based on real speeds people are able to drive, not just speed limits. (screen 3).

As you can see, although your route is now 0.7 kilometre longer, your 29 minutesjourney is now just 26 minutes.

This may not sound much, but the more you drive, the more time you will save. This will add up to a substantial saving in time, money and fuel when you drive with IQ Routes.

How it works

Millions of TomTom users worldwide voluntarily provide us with anonymous historical speed-data from each of their journeys every time they connect their device to TomTom HOME .

As a result, TomTom now has a huge database, containing billions of miles of real customer driving experience, collected over the years from more than 7 million TomTom users.

Using this data, TomTom’s unique IQ Routes™ technology calculates your optimal route. This route is based on actual speed data driven on roads, not just maximum speed limits, taking into account any hold-ups that might slow you down (busy junctions, zebra crossings and even shopping crowds).

This data enhances the quality of TomTom navigation across the board, but is particularly helpful in improving the quality of detailed routing we give you for the specific time of day and day of the week of your chosen trip.

Drive like local

So even if you drive through unfamiliar areas, you still can drive like a local by knowing the short cuts that are based on the collective driving experience of millions of TomTom users.

Did you know?

IQ Routes™ technology gives you a faster route for up to 35% of all your journeys.

And don’t forget: IQ Routes™ is just one of many groundbreaking TomTom technologies that make your journey quicker, easier, safer, more predictable and less stressful.

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