Why TomTom devices are the easiest

TomTom products are so easy to use, you don’t even have to read the manual. Your device works straight out of the box, with our intuitive touchscreen interface. Our keep-it-simple designs continue to win countless consumer and specialist awards and user tests.

Simplicity. TomTom devices have won countless awards for being so easy to use, and it's not hard to see why. Buy a TomTom device and it works straight out of the box. And with our famous intuitive interface, using your device could not be simpler: Just plug it in and a few taps of the touchscreen later, you're on your way.

Enter your destination hands-free. With voice address-input, just tell your device the city, street and number you going to, and it does the rest.

Control your TomTom GO by voice
The latest in speech recognition technology lets you control your TomTom GO using voice commandsFrom planning a route to making a call, over 100 tasks are easily activated by voice, making your drive smoother and safer.

Navigation at your fingertips. At TomTom, we believe in making navigation as simple as it can possibly be. Touchscreen technology that makes using your device a straightforward pleasure. How do we know? Our easy-to-use interface has been extensively tested by our own people and by independent assessors, both in the field and at TomTom’s unique User Experience Labs. At TomTom, we work hard to make things easy.

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