Why TomTom has the best routing

TomTom provides the fastest and most efficient routing possible. IQ Routes™ uses historical road-speed data from millions of TomTom users to calculate your optimal route for that specific time and day. Giving you local knowledge on a global scale.

Get the fastest route any time of day

The shortest distance is not always the fastest. Traffic lights, crossings, rush hour... all these hidden factors can really slow you down. That’s why we’ve developed IQ Routes™ - By introducing real average speeds measured on the roads to our maps, you get a faster route to your destination in 35% of the time compared to satnavs without our unique IQ Routes™ technology*.

*Source: Internal testing of 10,000 routes in Western Europe & Central Europe compared with a standard satnav.

Beat the traffic

We’ve all been there. You hear news on the radio of a traffic jam on your route... just as a sea of red brake lights appears in front of you. But TomTom can keep you out of a jam! Only TomTom HD Traffic™ gives you the most accurate traffic information with traffic updates every three minutes – and more road coverage (including motorways and secondary roads) than anyone else. In fact, HD Traffic™ is the most sophisticated traffic information service currently available on the market in the countries where it is active*.

*For example: in the Netherlands, HD Traffic has up to five times more updates and up to ten times more road coverage than other providers.

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