The fastest route, any time, anywhere.

At TomTom, we don’t stop with the most up-to-date maps. Thanks to our unique IQ Routes technology, we also do more than any other satnav company to enhance your routing.

Most satnavs use maximum speed limits for their route calculation. And that’s a great place to start. But it doesn’t mean the routes are the fastest. This is because the maximum speed is not always achievable – just think about the morning rush hour, for example, or traffic lights that take forever to turn green.

IQ Routes, however, uses our unique database of real travel times based on road speed measurements gathered over many years. It calculates your fastest route – everywhere. It even considers the time and day you’re travelling, because we know that the fastest route in the morning isn’t always the fastest in the evening.

The result? IQ Routes always gives you the fastest route – any time, anywhere. It’s like driving with local knowledge, everywhere you go.

We’ve compiled our real travel times database from years of researching and tracking road speeds with the help of millions of TomTom users worldwide.

The travel information is sent anonymously to us every day when TomTom users connect their device to TomTom HOME, our free desktop software. The data is analysed, compiled and then stored on the map, making its way to every new TomTom map release.

Our TomTom community of more than thirty million users effectively makes the profiles and data more and more accurate as they drive around the world, with billions of data points being collected to date.

The result is realistic travel time information for every five minutes, every day of the week.

IQ Routes has collected more than 800 billion speed measurements to date. This equals more than 15 million kilometres driven – or every road on our map being driven an average of 2000 times.

More than a billion new measurements are collected each day.

TomTom is the only satnav manufacturer able to do this, thanks to its millions of users connecting to HOME software every day.

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