The best maps.

Research shows that roads change significantly every year – by as much as 15%. So to give you the highest quality and up-to-date maps, we decided we needed to be as close to the source of the map as possible.

That’s why we acquired Tele Atlas, a world leader in digital mapping.

The global road network is massive, so keeping track of every change – major or minor – is a formidable challenge. That's why traditional digital mapping can struggle to keep up with things like new roads being built.

To solve that problem, we use the high quality maps created by Tele Atlas. Then, we enhance them with our very own data, gathered anonymously from the journeys of millions of TomTom users driving on those roads. This way, road changes are rapidly spotted and added to new map releases.

What does it mean for you? You get the best maps, from the word go.

Because roads change so much every year, it’s important to have the latest map. And we think it should always be really easy and affordable for you to get the most accurate and reliable map, too.

So to give you the latest map as soon as you start driving, we offer our latest map guarantee. If a newer version of your map is available within 30 days of first using your device, latest map guarantee lets you download it straight away – completely free.

Then, to keep your map up to date all year long, we have the Map Update Service. This service gives you a brand new map release, four times a year.

In high growth areas, road networks can change as much as 40% per year.

We cross-check our map data with more than reliable 50,000 sources, including government agencies, satellite imagery and of course anonymous TomTom users' journeys.

Our maps cover more than 27 million km of roads worldwide.

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