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Save money

  • ▪ Get thousands of up-to-date fixed camera locations, plus warnings for other types of cameras including average speed checks, red light cameras and mobile hotspots
  • ▪ Avoid fines when driving abroad, with over 25,000 camera locations throughout Europe.
  • ▪ Easily report or remove camera locations yourself and share them with the whole community

Drive safely

▪ Choose audio or visual warnings of upcoming speed cameras
▪ Get alerts as you approach accident blackspots and (ungated) railway crossings
▪ Independent research proves that satellite navigation makes driving safer. Users are less stressed, less distracted and generally feel safer.

Be relaxed

▪ TomTom has the biggest navigation community with over 25 million users
▪ 95% coverage
▪ TomTom Speed Camera locations are used by traffic authorities and radio stations
▪ Your travel time and driving distance are significantly reduced.

£14. 95 p/y

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