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Drive smarter every day, wherever you go!

It’s officially the quickest way through the traffic. With more accurate traffic info, wider coverage – and at least seven times more updates than anyone else – independent tests prove HD Traffic is the best way to beat the jams.

Do you drive regularly or commute daily? Then you know that being on the road and getting to your destination can be quite a challenge. Road works, traffic jams, speed cameras, expensive petrol... even a short journey can be time-consuming and costly.

Now you can drive smarter, every day - wherever you go.

TomTom has the complete solution in one convenient package: TomTom LIVE services. It offers you a real-time connection to the latest route information (such as traffic information, latest fuel prices, etc.) straight to your device; saving you time, money and stress.

£47. 50 as of 2nd year

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TomTom HD Traffic, Mobile Speed Cameras, Local Search with Google™, LIVE QuickGPSfix™ and Weather

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