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One thing remains the same: the world is always changing

Ever feel the world around you is changing faster than ever? That’s because it is! Each year an average of 15% of roads and 20% of Points of Interest change.

How many?!
To give you an idea, the latest map of Western Europe has an additional 80,000km of road and 2800 extra POIs, while the new map of Eastern Europe has an additional 174,000 km of road and 20,000 extra POIs.

At TomTom, we offer regular new map releases, complete with the latest, most accurate map data, to ensure that your TomTom device continues to perform optimally.

Be ready for tomorrow. Buy your new map today.

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  • In order to successfully download a new map, make sure you accept the free upgrade to TomTom HOME (version 2.1 or higher) and update the software on your device when prompted;
  • These maps can only be used if you already own TomTom products;
  • If you order a map download, a broadband internet connection is required.
  • Depending on the map you purchase, additional memory (e.g. an empty SD card) might be needed.

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