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The latest maps pre-installed
Latest Tele Atlas® map of South East Asia

Your TomTom device is pre-installed with the latest map of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei.

TomTom Map Share™
Share road changes with the TomTom driver community

The global road network is massive, so keeping track of every change – major or minor – is a formidable challenge. From time to time, you might spot something new on the roads before we do. That's why we've developed TomTom Map Share™, a unique free service that lets you make corrections to your own map. As part of the TomTom Map Share™ community, you can share your local map changes with other TomTom GPS users and, of course, you'll benefit from corrections made by others, so you'll always have up-to-date road information at your fingertips.

Latest Map Guarantee
Always drive with the latest map

Sometimes, TomTom releases a new map between the time a device is manufactured and the time someone buys it. So we allow every TomTom GPS user to check for a new map release within 30 days of first using their device. If one is available, you can simply download it for free. This is all done via HOME, TomTom’s free desktop application, which will automatically recognise a newly connected device and check whether a newer map release is available for it.

Map Update Service
Bonus 1 Year Map Update Service

Did you know that road networks change on average 15%* per year? To help keep you up to date with these changes TomTom releases four new maps per year. TomTom Map Update Service is the smart, affordable way to get new map releases.

What do I get?
Each new map features all published changes to the road network from the digital map provider Tele Atlas.

How do I get Map Update Service?
TomTom gives you one-year bonus Map Update Service with your TomTom GPS purchase. That’s four map updates in the first year of use, guaranteed.

How do I redeem the 1 Year Map Update service bonus? 
For detailed redemption instructions click here

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* Source Tele Atlas

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