Map Update Service

Roads change by as much as 15% every year. To ensure the best navigation experience, you need to keep your map up to date with these changes.

That’s why TomTom has created Map Update Service. Map Update Service is the best way to get the most accurate and reliable maps available for your TomTom device. It gives you every single release of your map over a fixed time period, for a great price.

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Map Share

Because roads are always changing, your map needs to stay up to date in order for you to enjoy the fastest and most accurate navigation.

TomTom’s unique Map Share™ community is the clever way to give your map a daily boost between map updates. It lets you make simple corrections to your map on your device. And you can even receive simple map corrections from 16 million Map Share community members via TomTom HOME – completely free.

NOTE: Map Share is not currently supported by My TomTom

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Map guarantee

The roads are always changing. So to ensure you always enjoy the best navigation experience, TomTom helps you keep your map up to date – right from the start.

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