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  • After downloading the route file (.itn type) to your computer, connect your device (or memory card) to your computer and copy the file to the ‘itn’ folder on your memory card. If no ‘itn’ folder exists, you can easily create one. On your TomTom, select ‘Itinerary planning’ from the main menu and a folder named ‘itn’ will be created automatically.
  • Some longer routes are broken down into sections. In these cases you will find multiple route files enclosed in a single .zip file. After unzipping the file, just copy all .itn-files to the itn-folder.
  • Cross-border routes may require you to switch maps. If your maps are on different memory cards, copy the .itn file to both cards. If any of the waypoints on your route are outside the active map, they will be shown crossed out.
  • To start navigating, go to ‘Itinerary planning’ on your TomTom. Select ‘Options’, ‘Load itinerary’, select the file you just copied and select ‘Done’.
  • Generally, using the 'shortest route'-calculation will give you the best results. However, when you want to avoid motorways or optimize a route for cycling or walking this is usually possible as well.

Disclaimer: TomTom has made every effort to obtain the rights to publish these routes. Please let us know if you think any of our routes require further copyright clearance.

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