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TomTom PLUS Services

Ready for more? TomTom PLUS services offer you real-time Traffic and Weather information, Safety Cameras, as well as downloadable Voices, Points of Interest and much more.



The essential tool to keep your TomTom up to date - easily install maps and services, shop for more services, prepare trips, receive free traffic alerts on your computer and much, much more. Read more

Safety Cameras

Drive smart and stick to the speed limit. Subscribe to automatic safety camera alerts and updates from TomTom. It makes travelling safer for you and others, as well as saving on possible fines. Read more


Beat the traffic with TomTom. Get the most up-to-date, reliable traffic information from the best sources. Then, if you need to, you can use your TomTom to re-route round the jam. All before the other drivers even hear a traffic report on the radio. Read more

Hotel Bookings

Find the best place to stay on your route. Read more


A funny navigation voice takes the boredom out of travelling. Especially out of your daily commute or that long trip to your holiday destination. Install different navigation voices and make every trip something to look forward to! Read more

Points of Interest

Planning an evening out? Looking for a restaurant, café, parking garage or a cinema? Take your TomTom with you and find what you want instantly. Download more, directly to your TomTom. For whatever you want. Never leave without your TomTom. Read more


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find out if your friends are in the neighborhood so you can meet face to face? Find a great restaurant? Invite your friends to come over using their TomTom. With TomTom Buddies instant messaging and navigation come together. Read more


Want to hear something new on that 4 hour drive? Let famous narrators read you the latest best-sellers, magazines and newspapers. Choose from more than 26.000 fiction, educational and business titles. Read more


Want to unwind and enjoy the scenery? TomTom Scenic Routes will take you along soothing routes with the most wonderful views. Read more


Changes in the weather mean changing plans. TomTom can give you a detailed weather bulletin or 5-day forecast (TomTom application version 6.0 or higher) for your destination, leaving you plenty of time to change your plans if you need to. Read more

Colour Schemes

Night views or black and white views adjusted to your own taste. Navigation can be made as personal as you want it. Install new colour schemes directly onto your TomTom. Read more


QuickGPSfix is an exclusive service for TomTom GO (920/720/520/910/710/510) and TomTom ONE (XL/3RD EDITION/2nd Edition) owners. It uses ‘QuickGPSfix’ GPS data downloads to help you fix your position and get navigating faster than ever before. Read more

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