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Connect your TomTom to your mobile phone, for a richer driving experience.

Most popular phones

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Phone not listed?? The phones on this list have been tested by TomTom. While it may be possible to use others, we cannot offer any support for phones not listed. The compatibility list is based on original phone manufacturer software. Co-branded phones (those branded by network provider rather than manufacturer) may use customised software and so we cannot guarantee their compatibility.


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ProductHands-free calling
Drive safely: call hands-free
Call your friends, POI’s or direct to emergency and road assistance services. All hands-free.
Send SMS
Keep in touch…
Send SMS messages via your TomTom device, including quickly telling friends where you are, with handy SMS templates
Receive SMS
… and stay in touch
Receive SMS messages on your TomTom device from friends and colleagues, including location SMS’s giving their whereabouts.
Copy Phone Book
Synch your phone and your TomTom
Copy your phone contact list directly onto your device
TomTom Services
Always stay informed
Real-time Traffic and Weather;
Fuel prices (US only)
TomTom Buddies
RIDER 2013 checked checked
PRO 5150 LIVE checked checked
GO 820/825 LIVE checked checked
PRO 9150/7150 checked checked
GO 1000 (LIVE) checked checked
PRO 9100/7100 checked checked
Via Series (LIVE) checked checked
GO 1005 (LIVE) checked checked
GO 9000 checked
GO 7000 checked
GO 540 (LIVE) checked
GO 740 (LIVE) checked
GO 630 checked
GO 940 (LIVE) checked
GO 530 checked
GO 730 checked
GO 930 checked
TomTom ECLIPSE (AVN2227p) checked
TomTom ECLIPSE (AVN2210p) checked
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