Get the excellent navigation experience you would expect from TomTom, with a refurbished TomTom device.

Each one is restored with genuine TomTom parts, including a brand new front screen and cover. You might see minor cosmetic imperfections on the back of your refurbished device, but you can be assured that it will perform to the high standards you would expect from TomTom. There is a wide range of models to choose from – all at a great discount off the regular price.

TomTom approved and certified... so you can drive easy
We put each used TomTom device through its paces, with a full TomTom test plan. Every device is TomTom Approved, and will arrive in your hands in a new box – with brand new documentation and the same limited warranty as you would get with a brand new TomTom device.

To see our entire range of fully tested, TomTom-approved and certified devices at our special refurbished discounts, visit the TomTom Outlet Store.

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