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Map Zones: your route to greater detail

Enhanced maps made up of detail-rich sections

When it comes to navigation, TomTom always gives you more. That’s why we’ve introduced Map Zones as a new way of downloading the best TomTom maps yet.

What are Map Zones?

TomTom maps are getting richer. This means they’re getting bigger. So to help you focus in on the real detail and get a fuller picture of your route, Map Zones divides your map into detail-rich regions.
All you need to do is download whichever Map Zone is right for you.
Map Zones include all the great details you'd hope to see, including:

  • Road changes and up to 30% more roads
  • Up to 15% more Points of Interest
  • Landscape information, such as forests, lakes and rivers for up to 10 million more square kilometres*

How to get your map

You can get your Map Zone when downloading your new map through TomTom HOME – just choose the Map Zone that covers the countries you need for your travels. If you want to change it later, you can do so at any time using TomTom HOME.

Find out more

*Actual figures depend on the map and the number of changes it contains.

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