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How to start using mapshare?

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Daily corrections with Map Share™ technology

TomTom’s unique Map Share technology enhances your navigation experience, letting you make instant corrections to your map directly on your TomTom device. You can also receive similar corrections made by the entire TomTom community of Map Share users.

Enabling Map Share gives you:

  • An instantly enhanced driving experience every day
  • Entry into the world’s largest navigation community
  • The ability to share corrections daily with other TomTom device users
  • Full control over corrections that are uploaded and downloaded
  • The best and most accurate maps available – always
* Currently this functionality is not available for the TomTom GO 1000 series and all TomTom Via devices. Click here for more information and updates.

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Why does Map Share community participation only work with a map up to a year old?

The road network develops at such a fast pace that, after four quarterly map releases (a year's worth), a large number of structural changes will have fundamentally altered the maps themselves.

So, making corrections on older maps does not give the community the best of Map Share. For example, imagine if a new road is built in your neighbourhood. If that road is not on your TomTom map, you will not be able to make a change to it on your device. Now you can see that with over two million users in the Map Share community, the use of recent maps is very important.

The power of the community lies in users having a recent map and naturally the most up-to-date version is the ideal place to start.

TomTom offers TomTom Map Update Service, so you can always drive with the latest map from as little as £7.95 per quarter

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