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Your most efficient route, using actual road-speed data

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This new improved technology calculates routes based on the real average speeds measured on roads every day compared to speed limits. This uses historical data that TomTom users have been adding to over the years. It will always provide users with the smartest route hour-by-hour, day-by-day, saving them time, money and fuel.

This technology is part of the next generation of navigation, delivering real smart routing for the 21st Century And don’t forget: IQ Routes™ is just one of many groundbreaking TomTom technologies that make your journey quicker, easier, safer, more predictable and less stressful.

By using IQ Routes you:
• get the smartest route day-by-day, hour-by-hour using real average speeds
• get more realistic journey and arrival times
• drive more relaxed knowing you are using the best route possible.

We all know that we drive a different way on a Monday morning at 9 o’clock in our local area than than we do at 2 o’clock. We go a different way to the airport depending on what time it is. The fastest route may differ by the time or day of the week. Obstructions like traffic lights and structural traffic jams make you drive more slowly than the maximum speed limit legally allowed on those roads. That handy shortcut you’re looking for varies depending on time and day. All this means your shortest route isn’t necessarily going to be the fastest all the time!
TomTom IQ Routes™ takes away the guesswork, giving users handy fast routes, based on facts by allowing for hold ups. It takes account of all types of ‘fixed’ delay in its route calculation, including roundabouts and structural traffic jams.

How it works
Traditional routing methods use maximum speed limits in their calculations, which is a nice place to start. However, this information is not accurate in practice because reality is that these speeds are not always possible at various times of the day. IQ Routes can gives users the knowledge that local drivers enjoy, wherever they go, so that they have the fastest and most economical routes and accurate ETAs.

The technology does this by using the anonymous trip data from more than eight million TomTom customers worldwide which is downloaded when they connect their device to TomTom HOME. This community is effectively making the profiles and data more and more accurate as they drive around the world, with billions of data points being collected to date.

The data is analysed to discover actual patterns in driving speeds. Route calculations before IQ Routes used 0.85% of the maximum speed limit in its calculation – IQ Routes uses the speeds people are actually driving on those roads. This data is applied to a profile model and patterns in the road speeds are identified throughout the day. The profiles have data for every five minutes which can then be applied to the road segment, building up an accurate picture of speeds using historical data. All of these profiles are added to the existing IQ Routes data built into the device’s map, to make it even more accurate and useful for premium routing.

Let’s take an example:

The standard shortest route from A to B at a relatively quiet time, and without any hold-ups, should take you 31 minutes (screen 1). This standard route is calculated based on speed-limits. Realistically though you will have hold-ups so your real arrival time might be 35 minutes, 4 minutes more than was estimated. (screen 2).

Infographic IQ Routes
However, if we enable IQ routes for that same route on a busy weekday, we get a different quickest route that is 5.1 km shorter and saves you 5 minutes and a good deal of stress. Now that’s a shortcut! The travel and arrival time are very realistic. (screen 3).

OK let’s see what happens on a weekend! As you can see (screen 4) in this case IQ routes calculates yet another quickest route!

Using ‘local knowledge’ gained from the actual travel experiences of thousands of TomTom users on these very roads, IQ Routes™ instantly works out your optimal route for weekdays and weekends, 24/7. It calculates your realistic journey time, based on real speeds people are able to drive, not just speed limits.

Drive like local

So even if you drive through unfamiliar areas, you still can drive like a local by knowing the short cuts that are based on the collective driving experience of millions of TomTom users. With IQ Routes users can be satisfied that they are taking the best route possible for any time or day, making drives more comfortable and predictable, getting there on time and stress-free.

IQ Routes and HD Traffic combined

IQ Routes works in conjunction with HD Traffic to give users the best route possible using a combination of historical data and live traffic data to guide users away from delays.
By combining IQ Routes with TomTom HD Traffic, You get the ultimate smartest route with:
• the real measured average speed for each hour of the day and each day of the week for each stretch of road as a base for route calculation
• real-time updates while driving with real time traffic information
• live real measured speeds, actual traffic jams and details of where actual traffic conditions are worse compared to what they usually are.

Infographic IQ Routes

The same route, now takes you 10 minutes more. But this is very realistic due to the LIVE traffic information that is now taken into account.

Did you know?

IQ Routes™ technology gives you a faster route in over 50% of all your journeys.
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