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Download your map Thanks for purchasing the TomTom Fuel Prices service. Just follow these simple instructions to activate the service on your TomTom device:
  1. Locate the promo code on the the card you purchased.

  2. You will need to download and install the latest version of TomTom HOME, our free desktop application

  3. If this is your first time at TomTom HOME, you will need to create a new MyTomTom account

  4. Once logged in, click "Activate my promotion."

  5. Click download new items

  6. Now enter the code from your card and click 'Next'

  7. TomTom HOME will display your new item as available for instant download and installation. Click 'Install'

  8. Your new service will appear in the files to update. Click 'Continue' and Fuel will proceed to automatically install

  9. Once the installation is complete click 'Done.' Your new service is now activated. Enjoy!

Be sure to use Device > Disconnect Device in TomTom HOME before removing your TomTom from your computer.


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