This is what we really do with your data

Dear TomTom customer,

When you use one of our products, we ask to collect travel time information.
The vast majority of you do indeed grant us that permission.

We use this data to improve our products. For example to create high quality traffic information
and to route you around traffic jams and get you to your destination as quickly and safely as possible.
We also see when new roads or flow directions are created or changed and update our maps.
Accurate travel time information is essential for high quality route guidance.

We also make this information available to local governments and authorities. It helps them to better
understand where congestion takes place, where to build new roads and how to make roads safer.

It turns out the police have used traffic information that you have helped to create to place speed
cameras where the average speed is higher than the legally allowed speed limit. We did not
foresee in this type of usage. TomTom fully understands some of customers do not like this and
we will amend the licensing conditions to stop this type of usage in near future.

This is what we really do with the data:

  • We ask for your permission to collect historical data. You can opt in or opt out and can disable
    the data collection function at any time.
  • If you are using a LIVE device, you receive traffic information in real time and you automatically
    contribute to generating traffic information.
  • We make all traffic data anonymous. We can never trace it back to you or your device.
  • We turn anonymous data into traffic information to give you the fastest route available and route
    you through traffic jams in real time.
  • We are working with road authorities around the world to use anonymous traffic information to help
    make roads flow more efficiently and safer.
  • Our goal is to create a driver community capable of reducing traffic congestion for everyone.


Harold Goddijn
CEO, TomTom

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