The essential tool to keep your TomTom up to date.
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Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or simply on holiday, it’s always good to have your TomTom at your side when driving to a new hotel location. And better still, with EarthBooker you can now also have that hotel location already on your TomTom before you even hit the road.

From the website you can book a hotel or select several hotels as possible destinations, and then download all the addresses directly onto your TomTom. If you select several hotels, your TomTom lets you know when you’re in the vicinity of one of them.

No more crawling round unfamiliar city centres or complicated traffic systems in search of that elusive bed for the night. From now on, business trips and holidays will be easier, thanks to EarthBooker and TomTom.

Simply connect your TomTom to your computer using your HOME dock or USB cable, go to and then follow the “Add to my TomTom” button instructions.

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