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Before buying a map



  • Depending on the map you purchase, additional memory (e.g. an empty SD card) may be needed. Some devices do not have a SD slot, more information see: Which memory card should I buy for additional maps?
  • If you order a map download, a broadband internet connection is required. For more information see: How long does it take to download a map?
  • Due to the continuous improvements in our map quality, some new maps may not fit on your device. In these cases, detailed Map Zones are offered for download. You can only use one Map Zone on your device at a time but it's easy and free to change to another zone at any time using TomTom HOME.
    For more information check
  • Maps for PDA/mobile phone will only work if you have TomTom NAVIGATOR already installed. Please note NAVIGATOR 6 maps are no longer for sale.

When downloading a new map:

  • Accept the latest version of TomTom HOME.  If you don’t have HOME installed follow these steps: How do I install TomTom HOME?   
  • Update the application on your device when prompted. If you do not accept the software update it is likely that your device will not recognise the new map.
  • We recommend that you make a backup of your navigation device. For more details about this and for full download instructions, see: Downloading and installing maps.

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