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Latest Map Guarantee

We want you to be absolutely certain your TomTom device has the latest map installed when you start using it.

If a newer map release is available you can download one complimentary update to your map within 30 days from the time you first start using your TomTom. This latest map guarantee is available via TomTom HOME.

TomTom's dynamic map system means you can trust your map to always take you in the right direction.
GO 2000 series/VIA users click here. How do I claim my latest map guarantee? Download and install TomTom HOME Connect your GPS to your computer and launch TomTom Home If you do not have TomTom Home:

The first time you connect your device to TomTom HOME it will automatically check if a newer version of your map is
available to download straight away*.

If a new map is available it will be automatically offered and you can download it now or at any time in the 30-day
If a new map isn't available, you can check HOME as often as you like within the next 30 days.

Note that in order to qualify for the latest map guarantee you need to check if a new map is available within the 30 day period, and you
are only entitled to one free map download..
If you are having difficulty,make sure you have the latest version of TomTom HOME installed on your computer
1. Connect your device to your computer and log into your TomTom account
2. In the 'Tools' menu click 'Use Latest Map Guarantee'.

* We recommend you install the latest versions of TomTom HOME and software application for your device and as often as you like
within 30 days!
For GO 2000 series/VIA users:

1. GO to www.tomtom.com/getstarted. Follow the instructions to install the TomTom driver on your computer.

2. Connect your device when you are instructed to do so.

MyTomTom checks for the latest updates for your device, including map updates. If a newer map is available, you have 30 days from the time you start using your device to download it.

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