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A fundamental breakthrough in navigation

TomTom IQ Routes™
To date, TomTom is the world’s only navigation solutions provider that calculates routes based on historical travel time information. IQ Routes are more accurate and deliver the routes that well-informed locals would travel, making them feel more intuitive. The extended IQ Routes technology is now based on travel time information for every day of the week with a five minute interval. The travel time data are stored in Historical Speed Profiles, one for every road segment, from large motorways to small local roads. Historic Speed Profiles are part of the digital map and updated with every new map release. They give a unique insight into real world traffic patterns.
In approximately 50% of all cases, the use of IQ Routes results in driving a different and faster route, saving significant travel time as well as saving money and fuel. TomTom IQ Routes™ is the only fact based routing system based on measured travel times.
All other routing systems are based on travel time assumptions.

TomTom HD Traffic™

Nearly all traffic information systems use data that are collected with so called ‘road side equipment’; cameras, induction loops and other systems that are based on the deployment of a physical infrastructure. Those systems are expensive, both to install and to maintain. The result is that traffic information is only available on the busiest road segments in most countries.

TomTom’s HD Traffic service works differently. It is based on the anonymous measurements of ordinary mobile phones moving through the network. A significant proportion of mobile phones on the move are in cars. Analysis of these results gives accurate traffic information for all major and secondary roads. The HD Traffic service is further enhanced with information from TomTom users who wish to share their travel time information anonymously with other users. This contributes to the accuracy and granularity of this unique service. It gives a much more accurate traffic information resource than traditional systems and for much larger territories. In addition it’s economical to deploy.

This expansion of HD Traffic marks an important step in the realisation of a superior, pan-European traffic information service.

Combining TomTom IQ Routes with HD Traffic

The combination of TomTom IQ Routes and HD Traffic delivers unbeatable route guidance. If the real-time traffic information differs with what would be expected based on Historical Speed Profiles, the device automatically takes this into account. This means it continuously evaluates faster alternative routes.

In areas where HD Traffic is not yet deployed, Historical Speed Profiles provided by IQ Routes, give a substantial improvement in guidance on its own.

TomTom LIVE Services

The new TomTom LIVE Services bundle represents the best of TomTom’s connected services. A free trial period is included when purchasing a TomTom GO 940 LIVE, TomTom GO 740 LIVE or TomTom GO 540 LIVE*. There is no need for activation or subscription, since all services work straight out of the box. After the trial period, users can easily register to a monthly, flat-fee subscription of 9.95 euros with no hidden costs, so they continue to receive all LIVE Services directly into their car.

As well as HD Traffic, TomTom LIVE Services include:
TomTom Fuel Prices
provide users with up-to-date fuel prices and directions to the cheapest petrol stations in the area or along the route.
TomTom Safety Alerts
means that users can now receive and report mobile safety alerts through the built-in connectivity of the device. The extended service also gives drivers warnings about accident blackspots and unmanned railway crossings*. Warnings when approaching schools or places of worship are also included.
Local Search with Google
allows users to navigate to millions of locations. Results generated through Google search show the location name, a user-generated rating (if available) and phone number, so drivers can call ahead to book a restaurant or hotel of their choice.
And more!
Through TomTom LIVE Services, users receive up-to-date weather forecasts, TomTom QuickGPSfix™ for immediate GPS fix and TomTom Buddies to exchange and share location information and messages. All these services now work straight out of the box and without the need to connect to a computer first.

*Availability and price of the TomTom GO x40 LIVE series and TomTom LIVE services bundle may differ per country. Some LIVE Services are country specific.

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