Play your cards right with TomTom

Jun 01 2010

Play your cards right with TomTom

New TomTom Facebook game illustrates the benefits of LIVE Services

TomTom today launches its 7000 Miles Facebook game, encouraging users to achieve the highest mileage in a race to win a TomTom GO 750 LIVE satnav every week, worth £249.99. The Facebook game illustrates the features of TomTom’s LIVE services, which help drivers in real life avoid traffic jams, speed cameras and the highest fuel prices.

Based on a famous card game, the idea is that players are in a road race, with the aim of being the nearest to the 7000 miles finishing line by the end of the week. Players can be hindered by their ‘friends’ by being sent ‘Nasty Cards’ slowing their travel down with traffic jams, safety cameras and fuel issues.

Using specially modified ‘joker’ cards, players can benefit from TomTom LIVE services, such as HD Traffic cards to avoid traffic jams and Fuel Price cards to buy cheaper fuel to drive that extra mile.

“Just like in real life, players can benefit from TomTom’s leading HD Traffic service,” says Alain Pakiry, Senior Vice President Marketing at TomTom. “This is a fun way to find out more and, because it refreshes weekly, new players can get regular chances to win.”

TomTom LIVE Services are available on the GO x50 series and the XL LIVE. They provide drivers with a wealth of relevant real-time information, including:
• TomTom HD Traffic™: the best traffic information for the fastest way through the jams and the most accurate arrival time.
• TomTom Speed Cameras: so users can drive safely and save money with mobile and fixed cameras warning.
• TomTom Fuel Prices: so users drive to the cheapest fuel around.
• Online Local Search with Google: find shops and businesses wherever they are, so users can access millions of locations that are always up to date.

Services are currently available in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK.

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