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Refresh your TOMTOM with the latest map

Feb 17 2010

Refresh your TOMTOM with the latest map

TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia, now available for download through TomTom HOME

Sydney, 17 February 2010 – TomTom, the world’s largest portable navigation solutions provider, today announces the release of its Autumn 2010 Map of Australia, featuring the latest Whereis® map data (version 17.0).
Available through TomTom HOME store for $139.95, the TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia will offer enhanced safety and navigational abilities including:
· Increased road speed limit coverage by 33%, covering over 232,000 kilometres of road across Australia – enabling better speed awareness and improved safety for drivers.
· Lane guidance coverage on all major roads in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin and major highways across Australia.
· Over 50,000 additional Points of Interest (POI’s) across Australia – POI total now over 688,000.
· For Sydney drivers, this map includes the greatly anticipated removal of the Sydney M4 toll. Drivers who wish to avoid tolls can now choose routes along the M4.

“The release of the TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia confirms our commitment to consistently providing the most up-to-date maps available to TomTom GPS users,” said Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager, TomTom Australia and New Zealand. “The new map enables safer and smarter driving thanks to a significant increase in road speed limit coverage and the inclusion of the latest TomTom IQ Routes™ data for the fastest way any time of day.”

TomTom’s Best Maps & Latest Map Guarantee
The new map includes the latest data derived from millions of anonymous GPS measurements that contributed by TomTom’s global community of drivers. TomTom IQ Routes™ makes use of this data to ensure TomTom drivers are always routed the fastest way, no matter the time of day.
TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee ensures that if TomTom makes a newer Australian map, it is available within 30 days of a customer first using their TomTom GPS. The newer map will be made available via download at no extra charge.
The Latest Map Guarantee is enabled by TomTom HOME, the free software package from TomTom that helps to future proof all TomTom GPS devices.
TomTom allows users to get daily map updates with TomTom Map Share™, accessed via TomTom HOME, for an instantly enhanced driving experience every day.
TomTom’s complete map package – high-quality Whereis® maps installed on all products, quarterly map updates, Latest Map Guarantee, and Map Share™ - means that TomTom is able to provide customers with the best maps in the industry.

TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia availability and pricing
The TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia is available for purchase through the TomTom map shop ( for $139.95.
The TomTom Autumn 2010 Map of Australia will come as standard on all new TomTom GPS devices and can be downloaded to current models via activation of TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee.
TomTom today has released new maps globally. TomTom maps now cover 78 countries across the Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. New counties added include Chile, Morocco and French Antilles.

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