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Drive with the new TomTom Summer Map of New Zealand

Dec 10 2009

Drive with the new TomTom Summer Map of New Zealand

Always have the latest map with TomTom!

Auckland, 10 December 2009
- TomTom, the world’s largest portable navigation solutions provider, today announced the release of the TomTom Summer Map of New Zealand 2009. This map provides extensive feature improvements to enhance the navigation experience and safety for TomTom users.

The TomTom Summer Map features the latest GeoSmart map data and includes many improvements:
• Speed limits for most metropolitan roads, major road networks and interconnecting roads across New Zealand, enabling better speed awareness and improved safety for drivers using TomTom GPS units
• Rural road upgrade across New Zealand
• 99+% population coverage and over 100,000 km of roads

“The release of the TomTom Summer Map demonstrates our commitment to consistently provide TomTom users with the most up to date map available”, said Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager, TomTom Australia and New Zealand.

The significant improvements to rural road coverage, road speed information and full updates to POI and address ranges, delivers fantastic navigating benefits to TomTom's New Zealand users.

TomTom’s Best Maps & Latest Map Guarantee

The new map includes tens of thousands of anonymous GPS measurements that originated from TomTom’s global community of drivers through TomTom IQ Routes™. TomTom and its community are unique in the GPS industry in the way they work together to create the most reliable and up-to-date maps in the world.

TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee ensures that TomTom users can download the newest map available within 30 days of first using their TomTom GPS at no extra charge.

The Latest Map Guarantee is enabled by TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software package that helps to future proof all TomTom GPS devices.

TomTom’s complete map package – high-quality GeoSmart maps installed on all products, quarterly map updates, Latest Map Guarantee, and Map Share™ - means that TomTom is able to provide customers with the best maps in the industry.

TomTom Summer Map availability

The new TomTom Summer Map is available for purchase from the TomTom map shop ( and will come as the standard map on all new TomTom GPS devices. Any customer that purchases a TomTom GPS from today can download the Summer Map of New Zealand 2009 at no charge within 30 days of first use, as part of TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee.

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