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Get START-ed with navigation

Oct 28 2009

Get START-ed with navigation

~ TomTom Start – new, easy and smart GPS ~

Auckland, 28 October 2009 – Proving that quality, simplicity and style can mix, TomTom today introduces the TomTom Start to New Zealand – a GPS device that redefines ease-of-use with its new menu, IQ Routes™ for smart route planning and coloured skins to give the TomTom Start a personal and stylish touch.

With its new menu and intelligent navigation, The TomTom Start is specifically designed for all drivers, and makes a great introduction to the benefits of GPS car navigation.

“With the introduction of TomTom Start, navigation has never been so accessible. We have redefined ease-of-use and taken affordable navigation to the next level,” says Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager TomTom, Australia and New Zealand. “This is done while of course always providing drivers with the fastest route to their destination using TomTom IQ Routes™.”

Easy to use with best directions

The TomTom Start is a compact device with a 3.5” touch screen, Spoken Street Names so drivers never miss a turn and the integrated fold-and-go EasyPort™ mount, which makes the whole navigation package fit into any pocket, small bag or glove compartment.

TomTom’s leading IQ Routes™ technology provides Start users with the fastest route, any time of day, with accurate travel times. TomTom’s database of over 800 billion speed profiles worldwide ensures routes are planned according to historical real average speeds.

Best maps and leading safety

TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee ensures new users have the latest GeoSmart map and TomTom Map Share™ allows users to obtain daily map updates via free TomTom HOME software.

The TomTom Start also includes an array of safety features, including safety camera locations (red light and speed), visual and audible warnings when driving over the speed limit and the Help me! menu for one touch assistance.

For personalisation, users can go to the TomTom HOME desktop software and download content, including start-up screens and a range of fun voices.

Availability and pricing

TomTom Start is available at retail stores for RRP $299 from late October 2009.

Changeable covers (StartSkins) are available from retailers for RRP $29.95 per colour* and include a matching protective bag.

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Digital press materials:

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Notes for editors

TomTom Start standard key features include:

Easy to use

• Plug & go – no installation needed; plug in and tap the touch screen.
• Easy-to-use menu – two simple buttons ‘Plan route’ and ‘Browse map’.
• 3.5” touch screen.
• Fold and go EasyPort™ mount – semi-fixed and folding neatly onto the back of the device, making the whole navigation package fit into any pocket, small bag or glove compartment.
• Loud and clear voice instructions.
• TomTom HOME – desktop software to keep up to date and download a wealth of content.

Best directions and maps

• TomTom IQ Routes™ – calculates the fastest route no matter the time of day.
• TomTom Map Share™ - benefit from thousands of free map fixes made by TomTom users every day.
• Spoken street names – means you will never miss a turn.
• TomTom Latest map guarantee – guaranteed to start with the latest GeoSmart map.

Leader in safety

• Safety cameras – be aware of fixed cameras ahead.
• Speed limits – be aware of maximumum speed limits.
• Help me! menu - provides direct access to emergency numbers and directions to the nearest emergency providers.

Accessories – optional upgrades

- *Changeable covers (StartSkins), including matching protective bags. StartSkins available in store: Flaming red and Ice blue. Priced at $29.95 RRP per colour.
- Carry case: $39.95 RRP
- USB car charger: $34.95 RRP
- USB home charger: $57.00 RRP

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