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Drive like a Local with TomTom’s Unique IQ Routes™ Technology

Oct 14 2008

Drive like a Local with TomTom’s Unique IQ Routes™ Technology

TomTom’s new GO range includes IQ Routes™ technology and Advanced Lane Guidance to inform drivers about the smartest route to take and the situation ahead

Sydney, 14 October 2008. TomTom, the world’s largest portable navigation solutions provider, today announced new ground-breaking features and unique content to its refreshed TomTom GO range – the TomTom GO 730 and TomTom GO930.

Designed to enhance the navigation experience for users, TomTom’s new IQ Routes™ technology, Advanced Lane Guidance and Voice Address Input, provides customers with the most intuitive and intelligent navigation experience available.

“The new TomTom GO range is suitable for drivers who are looking to purchase a navigation device that not only gets them from A to B easily, but also makes their journey more efficient, safe and comfortable,” says Chris Kearney, Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand. “With the introduction of IQ Routes™ technology and Advanced Lane Guidance, we continue to focus our efforts on features and content that improves the overall navigation experience.”

TomTom IQ Routes™
The innovative IQ Routes™ technology is based on real average speeds measured on roads, rather than static maximum speeds per road type. This means the new TomTom GO range determines a route by considering all possible routes and then selecting the one that takes the least time. In almost 50% of all journeys, this results in driving a different and faster route, saving significant travel time as well as saving money and fuel.

Drivers can also be confident that they will always be given the smartest and most efficient route, in particular when driving through suburban areas.

Advanced Lane Guidance
The new TomTom GO series features Advanced Lane Guidance, which provides drivers with a more realistic view of their surroundings and enhanced visual instructions. This new feature also ensures drivers are better informed about the situation ahead.

With the new Advanced Lane Guidance feature, navigating difficult junctions becomes easier than ever before. The realistic representation of highway junctions on the screen including clear arrows indicating the lane direction, provide drivers with timely instructions to take the correct lane. Static images of road signs, in the same colour as the ones displayed on the road, ensure drivers have an even better overview of their surroundings.

Voice Address Input
Voice Address Input allows users to drive to a destination by voice control. Users no longer need to enter the city name and street name they would like to travel to, but they can simply speak out the city and street name where they would like to go.

The TomTom GO 730 (RRP $549) and TomTom GO 930 ($849) will be available in Australia in early November 2008.

The new GO models will also be available with a traffic receiver in the box. The TomTom GO 730 Traffic ($649), TomTom GO930 Traffic ($949) will launch in November 2008.


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