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Kiwi Motorists get daily map updates with TomTom Map Share™

Jun 10 2008

Kiwi Motorists get daily map updates with TomTom Map Share™

TomTom Map Share™ allows TomTom users to make corrections to their own map and benefit from thousands of corrections made by TomTom users every day – free of charge.

Auckland, New Zealand, 10 June 2008 – TomTom, the world’s leading navigation solutions provider, today announced the introduction of TomTom Map Share™ in New Zealand. This unique map improvement technology allows TomTom users to easily improve their maps as soon as they spot changes in the roads with a few touches on the screen of their device. Via TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software portal, TomTom Map Share™ users can also receive all map improvements made by others, making their maps as dynamic as the world they live in.

From Albany to Anderson’s Bay and around the world, roads change by as much as 15 per cent every year. TomTom Map Share™ is a TomTom proprietary map improvement technology, which enables users to easily and instantly improve maps. TomTom GPS users can respond in real time to changes in the road network and correct the maps on their TomTom devices accordingly. Thanks to the smart user interface, it is easy to make instant improvements, such as blocking or unblocking streets, reversing one way traffic, adding new street names or editing or adding missing points of interest.

TomTom Map Share™ gives TomTom users the option to capture road changes on their device in-between map releases and keep their data as current as they wish. This new feature will allow the community of TomTom Map Share™ users to always have the most up-to-date maps and local knowledge at their fingertips.

TomTom has the world’s largest satellite navigation community with approximately 20 million users. TomTom Map Share™ users can share their improvements with each other easily through TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software application that enables users to manage, download, store and transfer content from their computer (PC/MAC) onto their TomTom device. All user submitted changes are validated by an expert TomTom team before being shared with the wider TomTom community.

TomTom Map Share™ has proven a huge success since the launch in Europe and the USA in July 2007. Within just 10 months, 2.4 million customers have joined Map Share™, contributing over 1.5 million verified changes making real improvements to TomTom maps on a daily basis.

“TomTom Map Share™ is an important component of a new era in navigation. Map Share™ ensures that New Zealand TomTom GPS users have the most up to date, accurate and reliable maps” said Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, TomTom Australia and New Zealand. “TomTom GPS users in New Zealand can now join the millions of other TomTom users around the world to automatically share and mutually benefit from each other's local road knowledge, making a real difference to every user’s daily driving experience.”

TomTom Map Share™ is offered through a free software upgrade via TomTom HOME for all of the New Zealand editions of the TomTom ONE, TomTom ONE XL and TomTom GO 720.

All future TomTom devices will come with Map Share preinstalled and ready to use.

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