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TomTom Introduces New High-End Model in South Africa: TomTom GO 920

Sep 04 2008

TomTom Introduces New High-End Model in South Africa: TomTom GO 920

~ TomTom GO 920 features maps of multiple continents including Southern Africa, Europe and North America ~

Johannesburg, 4 September 2008 - TomTom, the world’s leading portable navigation solutions provider, today reveals it is bringing its award-winning TomTom GO 920 device to South Africa. The device comes preinstalled with extensive maps of Southern Africa, Europe (West and Eastern Europe), USA & Canada on the 4 GB internal memory. The TomTom GO 920 features a slim high quality design with soft-touch finish and a metallic colour scheme. In addition, it includes TomTom’s Enhanced Positioning Technology which results in a more continuous navigation experience.

“The TomTom GO 920 offers the best in satellite navigation,” says Joost Jetten, TomTom’s Regional Manager South Africa. “Pre-installed maps of multiple continents combined with innovative technologies such as Enhanced Positioning Technology and TomTom Map Share™, TomTom’s instant map improvement technology, offer outstanding quality and performance. The TomTom GO 920 is the most advanced navigation solution on the South African market today.”

Most complete set of maps
The TomTom GO 920 offers the latest door-to-door map of South Africa in addition to major cities and entire road network of Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Furthermore, the TomTom GO 920 comes with a seamless map of Western and Eastern Europe (31 countries in full detail and the major road connected network of 10 Eastern European countries) and maps of North America, including US, Canada and Guam, all preinstalled on the 4 GB internal memory of the device. This makes the TomTom GO 920 the personal navigation device with the most complete set of pre-installed maps available in TomTom’s entire South African navigation solution portfolio.

Best navigation with Enhanced Positioning Technology
TomTom’s Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers’ positions when GPS signals are unavailable.

TomTom GO 920 users will have a much more continuous navigation experience as the Enhanced Positioning Technology ensures the device continues to navigate to its destination, even in circumstances where there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite. For example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or tunnels.

In addition, the TomTom GO 920 comes with the latest version of TomTom’s award winning software and all the features of the current TomTom GO 720. This includes TomTom Map Share™ Technology to make easy changes to the map and to share map corrections with other TomTom customers so that users always have the most up-to-date maps available.

Remote control
The TomTom GO 920 comes with an improved Bluetooth™ remote control that is the same colour as the device. This way drivers can operate their device safely from anywhere in the car without having to reach to touch the screen.

Extensive set of features
On top of all exclusive features that the TomTom GO 920 includes, the model comes preinstalled with the latest navigation software and features, such as:

    • Large 4.3 inch touch screen with high quality graphics, an intuitive user interface and clear voice instructions for efficient route guidance;
    Enhanced hands-free kit with high quality sound system to allow drivers to keep their eyes firmly on the road whilst making phone calls in the car;
    Extensive safety features including ‘Help Me’ menu to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance, made available by the AA, South Africa’s leading Automobile Association (see other press release);
    TomTom Map Share™ Technology: allowing users to instantly correct maps, share changes with other users, and benefit from improvements made by other users;
    Built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo;
    TomTom desk dock to easily charge the TomTom GO 920 and connect to a computer and TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software application;
    • New smart & fun extras to personalize users’ devices, including recording your own driving instructions, view documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth™ wireless technology and select a favourite car icon on the screen;
    Integrated MP3 player and iPod compatibility, so drivers can play their favourite songs by connecting their iPod to the TomTom GO. In addition, music and navigation instructions can be played seamlessly through the car stereo via the built-in FM Transmitter.
    • Free TomTom HOME software to access ready to use online services such as voices, new maps and QuickGPSfix;

The new TomTom GO 920 will be available in Spring 2008. It has a recommended retail price of 5499 ZAR.

TomTom offers a wide range of devices in South Africa to suit every driver’s need. These include:

    TomTom GO 720: pre-installed with TomTom’s award winning navigation software, innovative proprietary features such as Map Share™, high quality hands free calling and most up-to-date door-to-door map of Western Europe with maximum detail stored on the internal memory.
    TomTom XL: completely redesigned with ultra-compact EasyPort™ mount and 4.3 inch widescreen, TomTom’s mid-range product features award-winning navigation software and pre-installed maps of the Southern Africa region on the internal memory.
    TomTom ONE: TomTom’s entry-level product features a 3.5 inch screen, ultra-compact EasyPort™ mount and maps of the Southern Africa region on the internal memory.

Product technical specifications

    • 4.3” widescreen 16:9 format LCD (WQVGA: 480*272 pixels)
    • CPU 400 MHz, 64MB RAM
    • 4GB internal flash memory
    • SD card socket
    • High sensitivity GPS receiver
    • Integrated FM transmitter
    • Bluetooth™
    • Lithium-polymer battery (up to 5 hours operation)
    • Optimised integrated microphone and speaker for high quality hands-free functionality
    • Dimensions: 118 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm
    • Weight: 220 grams

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