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TomTom Removes Stress, Adds Safety

Jun 07 2008

TomTom Removes Stress, Adds Safety

~ Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and TNO research finds portable navigation devices to have a positive effect on driving safely ~

Concord, MA - June 17, 2008 – TomTom Inc. today announces that recent findings from leading US research institute Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and Dutch research institute TNO prove the positive influence of portable navigation devices on driving and traffic safety. Key findings from the research showed that drivers using a portable navigation device experience less stress, pay more attention to the road and feel safer.

The key findings of the US research were as follows: The use of portable navigation devices reduce driver's stress

  • In the survey, 72% of users indicate that they feel less stressed while using a portable navigation device. 70% feel calmer in the car, and 66% found that driving with a portable navigation device make them feel more relaxed.
The use of portable navigation devices make it easier for users to keep their attention on the road

  • In the survey, 59% of American users indicate that the use of a portable navigation device makes it easier to keep their attention on the road
The use of portable navigation devices has a positive effect on driver behavior
  • 60% of respondents feel safer in the car when driving with a portable navigation device
“TomTom has always believed that our products provide drivers with added confidence on the road,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom Inc. "These key findings from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and TNO confirm our long-held belief that driving safely and efficiently go hand-in-hand with the quality navigation TomTom delivers. Our customers are our priority and we will continue to lead the market in developing and implementing innovative safety features such as handsfree calling, speed limit warnings, and TomTom's ‘Help Me!’ emergency menu."

About the research Along with a consumer survey fielded to 1,036 Americans conducted by TNO, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute studied drivers’ behavior among participants between 21 and 50 years old. Navigation with a portable navigation device was compared to navigation by conventional means (e.g. maps and digital Internet route planners) when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination. All comments and insights gathered were rolled into the study findings. The research in the U.S. was conducted concurrently with other prominent research organizations in five European countries over a three month period. The key findings from all countries was completed in May 2008.* The results from this research are supported by a similar research conducted by TNO in The Netherlands in 2007.

TomTom Safety Features** Include:

  • Text-to-speech: spoken turn-by-turn voice instructions, including street and place names
  • Help Me! Emergency Menu: easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals
  • Enhanced Hands-free calling kit: with high-quality sound system to allow drivers to keep their eyes firmly on the road while making phone calls in the car
  • Voice Address input: enter destination details verbally
  • Automatic rerouting: recalculates route for drivers while driving
  • Advanced Lane Guidance: makes difficult junctions easy to navigate.
  • Speed limit alerts: warn the driver if they have started to exceed the speed limit.
  • Enhanced User Interface: provides easier access to overall functionally and quicker search tools.
  • Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT): calculates position even when GPS signals are unavailable.
  • High-quality speaker: hear instructions more clearly and loudly
  • Night views: allow the driver to view the screen easier while driving at night with an automatically-adjusted color scheme
  • Remote control: Bluetooth remote control to safely operate on the road
* The research methods, the justifications and results have been summarized in a ‘key findings’ document that can be requested through the contacts listed at the bottom of this press release.

** Not all features are available on all devices.

About TomTom
TomTom NV is the world’s leading navigation solutions provider. TomTom's products are developed with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use, safety and value. TomTom's products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; these are the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom XL and TomTom ONE ranges and the TomTom RIDER. Additionally, independent research proves that TomTom products have a significant positive effect on driving and road safety. TomTom offers a portfolio of content and services for TomTom’s navigation products, which are easily available through TomTom HOME. TomTom also provides navigation software products that integrate with third party devices; the TomTom NAVIGATOR software for PDAs and smartphones. TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise. TomTom’s products are sold through a network of leading retailers in 30 countries and online. TomTom was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. TomTom is listed at Euronext Amsterdam in The Netherlands. For more information, go to

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