Let Dad drive away the stress

May 28 2008

Let Dad drive away the stress this Father’s Day

~ Ten reasons to buy your Dad a TomTom device for Father’s Day ~

28 May 2008: Just getting from ‘A to B’ is a thing of the past for satellite navigation systems. TomTom advises drivers to take their nagivation device wherever they go – whenever they leave home. And here’s why a TomTom device should be on every son or daughter’s shopping list for Father’s Day this year:

1) It’s less stressful: With just a few simple instructions, your TomTom navigation device plans the route ahead, and guides you to your desired destination using clear spoken and visual directions – ensuring a more relaxed, hassle-free journey. Fumbling around with paper maps, and squabbles with Mum over wrong turns, have officially been consigned to driving history!

2) It’s safer: Independent research* has proven that navigation devices have a positive influence on driving safety. Seventy eight per cent of those surveyed said they felt they had ‘everything under control’, felt more alert behind the wheel (reaction times improved by 12 per cent) and were more conscious of traffic behind them, when using a TomTom system. Features such as advanced lane guidance** also mean that drivers never miss a turn or have to make a dangerous lane-change manoeuvre.

3) It’s smarter: Your sat nav is more than just an electronic map. A TomTom device will calculate the fastest, most efficient route, taking into account previous road speeds and traffic conditions (reducing miles driven by 16 per cent, and travel time by up to 18 per cent). TomTom’s unique new IQ Routes™ feature** gives even more accurate times of arrival, as it’s based on real average road speeds rather than maximum speed limits. In addition, TomTom ‘Traffic’ models come with a plug-and-play Traffic Receiver, so Dad will always be up-to-date with the latest traffic jam reports.

4) It’s more accurate than Mum: Forget those arguments with Mum (or girlfriend) about asking for directions! With a TomTom device, users are guaranteed the latest map information from day one. And now with TomTom’s Map Share™ service, you can benefit from the latest road information from TomTom’s online community, with thousands of corrections from users being uploaded every day.

5) It’s SO easy: Your Dad won’t need a degree to use his TomTom. Just a few steps is all it takes to get him on his way – he won’t even need to read the manual! Tap in the postcode or address through the touch-screen or, with a GO model, simply speak the name of your destination – and off you go! And because TomTom devices are now so slim and light, you can easily carry them in your bag or pocket when you’re away from the car.

6) It keeps you ‘legal’: The TomTom GO range offers hands-free mobile phone calling via Bluetooth®, plus an auto-answer function, so drivers keep their eyes firmly on the road and never need to answer a call manually. For Dads in a hurry, speed limit alerts warn the driver if they have started to exceed the maximum speed limit.

7) It could save you money: Safety camera alerts inform drivers about cameras well in advance, helping you stick to the speed limits, and avoiding those hefty speeding fines. Research also confirms that vehicle owners who do NOT have use of a sat nav make twelve per cent more insurance damage claims.

8) It’s essential in an emergency: A wealth of safety and driving information, such as emergency service and roadside assistance numbers, location details (in case of a break-down), maintenance tips, driving regulations and first aid advice from the British Red Cross, can be found in TomTom’s exclusive ‘Help Me’ emergency menu – included on all models.

9) It’ll keep the kids happy: With hundreds of built-in Points of Interest, such as restaurants, theme parks and other attractions, Dad will be able to navigate his way – quickly and easily – to a different location every day during the school holidays. “Are we there yet?” may soon become a phrase of the past!

10) It makes driving fun again: No need to worry about getting to the right place at the right time – leave it to TomTom! And your Dad can even personalise his TomTom device with a multitude of different sounds, colour schemes, funny voices, images and icons. He can even record his own voice, if he prefers not to be directed by a stanger! He can simply plug his device into TomTom HOME, and there are thousands of options to choose from.

More information on TomTom products and features can be found at www.tomtom.com

* Research announced in 2007 by TNO and TomTom.
** Available in the new TomTom GO range from May 2008.

 TomTom HOME is a free software program from TomTom that gives customers access to a huge array of services, as well as enabling them to share information and map data with the global community of TomTom users via Map Share. It allows users to manage, update and personalise their TomTom, as well as buying and installing new maps, making back-ups, downloading free software updates, and much more.

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