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TomTom och mobiloperatören SFR skriver avtal om att lansera HD Traffic i Frankrike

Feb 05 2008

TomTom och den franska mobiloperatören SFR har skrivit avtal om att lansera världens mest avancerade trafikinformationssystem i Frankrike, under första halvåret 2009. Den banbrytande och patenterade tekniken bakom TomTom HD Traffic bygger på anonym rådata från GSM-signaler, som TomTom får tillgång till genom sitt samarbete med mobiloperatören SFR. Datan samkörs med annan väg- och trafikinformation och ger användarna den hittills klart mest avancerade trafikinformationen på marknaden.

Se pressmeddelande på engelska nedan.

TomTom and SFR Sign Agreement To Bring the World’s Most Advanced Traffic Information Service to France

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5 February 2008 - TomTom, the world’s largest navigation solutions provider, and SFR, the second largest mobile operator in France, today announce an exclusive partnership to bring TomTom High Definition (HD) Traffic™ to France. HD Traffic is TomTom’s unique new way of supplying customers with the most accurate and up-to-date traffic information available in France. This sets a new industry standard and revolutionises the way drivers can plan their daily journeys. TomTom expects to launch the service in France in the first half of 2009.

To provide superior, accurate, real time traffic information for all major roads in France, TomTom will combine multiple sources. TomTom’s in-house patented technology uses anonymously aggregated data from the award-winning SFR network on the speed and direction that mobile phones are travelling in cars. This data is combined with existing French traffic information sources to deliver the best traffic information service available on the market: TomTom HD Traffic. The traffic information is securely transferred to TomTom devices in real time thanks to SFR’s patented Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions. TomTom HD Traffic is already live in The Netherlands and is planned to launch this year in the UK and Germany. With TomTom HD Traffic, customers will get the most accurate arrival times available. These times are constantly updated to reflect the current traffic situation. And thanks to the extensive coverage by TomTom HD Traffic of roads in France, customers will always be able to make the right decision when it comes to selecting an alternative route. Customers will get the peace of mind that comes with having the most comprehensive traffic information at their fingertips — both before starting their journey and while driving.

“SFR’s strong brand and leading network make it an ideal partner for TomTom. This announcement--following on our partnerships with mobile operators in the German, UK and Dutch markets--is a strong step forward in our strategy to bring HD Traffic to multiple markets and is in line with the timings we set out to sign these partnerships,” Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s chief executive officer comments. “We look forward to making HD Traffic available to the more than 30 million cars on the road in France.”

“This strategic deal fits with our ambition to be the best partner for innovative companies and illustrates how our leadership on network technologies and quality of service paves the way for successful partnerships. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to reinforce our position as a leader of the soaring French GPS market, a win win deal which opens a new era of innovative solutions leveraging the ubiquity of SFR networks and leading technologies of partners like TomTom,” added Frank Esser, SFR’s chief executive officer.

Both current and future TomTom users will be able to benefit from the service once it is available. The solution will also be available for major automotive manufacturers to include in their navigation solutions, as well as for road authorities and businesses, who may use it for dynamic traffic control management and improved fleet management.

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