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TomTom reveals “TomTom Secret Services”

Nov 09 2007

TomTom reveals “TomTom Secret Services”

~ A new way to share ideas and learn about the features of your TomTom device ~

Amsterdam, 9 November 2007 – TomTom, the world’s largest navigation solutions provider, today announces “TomTom Secret Services” - a new website that reveals the advantages of some of the special features on TomTom devices.

“TomTom Secret Services” explains in a special way to customers some special features like POIs, voice recording, audio books, deleting buddies etc.

Also, customers have been using their devices in interesting and unexpected ways. On the new “TomTom Secret Services” website, TomTom customers can share their experiences and read about those of others. Visit to learn more.

A winner will be chosen every week, from the 9th of November 2007 till the 4th of January 2008, for the best secret posted.

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