TomTom Unleashes New European Advertising Campaign

Oct 03 2007

TomTom Unleashes New European Advertising Campaign

TomTom launches the TomTom GO range with new visual style for the European Advertising Campaign

Amsterdam, 03 October 2007 - TomTom, the world’s largest portable navigation solutions provider, today announced the European launch of the new TomTom GO Advertising Campaign. The campaign will be multi-channel and launched in 16 countries throughout Europe via TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Online. The campaign will start in almost all countries as of today and will run until the end of the year.

The new advertising campaign features the recently announced TomTom GO range and has a new distinctive animation style. It includes TV commercials, print advertisements, outdoor and online ads. The campaign communicates three key features of the TomTom GO range: best maps, safety and ease of use.

Best maps: “I take the best route even when roads change”
Map Share™ is a proprietary map improvement technology unique to TomTom, which enables users to easily and instantly improve maps and share changes. TomTom users can send and receive improvements every day for the most up to date maps.

Safety: “I go wherever I want, without a care”
TomTom has a whole package of safety features, including a unique “Help me!” menu for a safer and easier drive. With only a few taps on the screen users can find their way to the nearest help and emergency services. They also have access to a complete first aid guide.

Ease of use: “I just tell my TomTom where to go and go”
With voice address input, TomTom users can start their journey by simply saying their destination out loud. The large user-friendly touchscreen and award-winning software are definitely a plus for an easy and safe driving experience.

TomTom is using a new animation style in this advertising campaign. TomTom worked with the Dutch agency TBWA/Neboko on the project. TBWA/Neboko commissioned the Dutch company PostPanic to produce two new television commercials for TomTom.
This resulted in a unique visual experience combining live action, rotoscoping, 3D animation and motion graphics.

The animation allows the users to dive into another world – a “TomTom world”. The fresh lime green background enhances the branding in a creative and effective way.
The main characters are rotoscoped and then illustrated with sketch style lines. The end result is an animation that is super-realistic in movement, mimic and character expression, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the story.

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