TomTom to launch FM Transmitter Mount in Europe

Jan 08 2007

TomTom to launch FM Transmitter Mount in Europe

- Available for European portable navigation customers for the first time: wireless integration of navigation instructions and music through car stereo –

08 January 2006 – Amsterdam. TomTom, the world’s largest navigation solution provider today announces it is launching the FM Transmitter Mount - a windscreen dock that enables drivers to use their car radio to wirelessly play navigation instructions, hands free calls and music from their TomTom device. The FM Transmitter Mount is compatible with the TomTom GO range, costs € 49. 95 and will be available from major retailers across Europe in February 2007*. TomTom is the first portable navigation supplier in Europe to make FM technology available for its customers.

The FM Transmitter Mount broadcasts navigation instructions and music from a TomTom GO device over the air to the car radio, like a short range radio station. TomTom GO users simply dock their TomTom GO on the new FM Transmitter Mount, tune the car radio to an unused FM frequency and select the same frequency on the TomTom GO. Turn by turn navigation instructions, hands free calls and music can now be heard in HiFi through the car stereo, without any unsightly cables cluttering the interior. The seamless integration between the TomTom GO and the car stereo also ensures that music stops when navigation instructions are played or (hands free) phone calls are made.

The FM Transmitter Mount is ideally suited to the TomTom GO 910, which has 12 GB of free memory space. This allows users to store up to 3,000 songs – enough to be on the road for up to 8 days without hearing a single song twice. TomTom GO 710 and TomTom GO 510 users can also hear the songs that are stored on their iPod over the car stereo, when the iPod is connected to their device**.

“TomTom continues to push the envelope when it comes to technology innovation,” says Éric Pité, vice president Product Management at TomTom. “This wireless solution using FM frequencies, allows drivers to be guided by clear voice instructions and hear their favourite songs through the car stereo for a more integrated and enjoyable driving experience.”

The FM Transmitter Mount will be available as an accessory and is currently compatible with the TomTom GO 910, TomTom GO 710 and TomTom GO 510. TomTom customers are required to have software version 6.522 or above, which is available when connecting to TomTom HOME. TomTom HOME is TomTom’s free software application enabling users to manage, download, store and transfer content from their computer onto their TomTom device.

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In case of any discrepancy between this press release and the original English version, the English version prevails.

* Price and availability may vary per country

** iPod Connect Cable is available as an accessory

Notes to editors:
The FM Transmitter mount qualifies as a short range device. The use of the FM radio frequencies by short range devices is governed by local laws and regulations which may vary from country to country. Please check for the current status in your jurisdiction.

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